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What We Do

All of our services are delivered with a blending of anti-oppression training, movement and organization building.

Movement and Coalition Building
Anti-Oppression Training, Education and Coaching
Coaching and Leadership Development
Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Building
Keynote Speaking

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Movement and Coalition Building

For organizations, collectives and networks striving to strengthen their ability to build more inclusive, vibrant and strong networks, collaborations and coalitions. Our approach to movement and coalition building is unique because at intersections/intersecciones we understand that the most successful coalitions are those that rest on:

  • Sharing power so that the decision making processes as well as the decisions themselves take into full account the depth and breadth of the coalitions diversity;
  • A commitment to an ongoing process of implementing a long term infrastructure that supports the diversity and effectiveness of the coalition. This means that the structure has to be clear, supported by the coalition and periodically evaluated to ensure that the coalition’s infrastructure represents the constituency it serves and is having impact;
  • True collaborative partnerships that are based on collective buy in and agreed upon processes for communication, decision making, goal setting, roles and responsibilities, inputs and outputs and timelines;
  • A common vision around the role and mission of the coalition that is shared among the members of the coalition and can be transparently and easily communicated to the communities the coalition intends to serve;
  • A clear strategic plan that concretizes the impact the coalition intends to have on local communities and the broader LGBT movement.

As community organizers, we understand that the context of the work is always changing.  Movements MOVE, issues change, campaigns must be waged, new relationships must be forged and old relationships sometimes need a tune up (or perhaps some conflict resolution!). We also understand that the demographics of is country are changing rapidly and more organizations, coalitions and networks are making a commitment to being inclusive.  Our mission at intersections/intersecciones is to help organizations and networks align their organizing work with an infrastructure that speaks to the rapidly changing, diversifying and growing nature of their work.

Anti-Oppression Training, Education and Coaching

For any group of individuals, organizations or collectives wanting to strengthen their commitment to challenging all forms of oppression in their capacity, organizing, movement or organization building work.

We consider this aspect of our practice among one of the most important services we provide. intersections/intersecciones specializes in working across movements, communities, issues and identities.  As a result, our facilitators and capacity builders (including all sub-contractors) are some of the most skilled cultural competency trainers and experts in the field.  As a direct result of our background in cultural work, anti-oppression training, cross movement and community organizing we are able to offer to our clients decades of on the ground experience as well as coalition and organization building expertise from a culturally complex lens. Our mission is to help organizations and networks embed culturally complex thinking and practice into the work that they do and the organizational structures they build.

Coaching and Leadership Development

For executive directors, deputy directors, organizers, emerging leaders.  We specialize in coaching People of Color, women, LGBT people, disability justice leaders and young people around a range of leadership and organizational issues.

Coaching is another important element of our practice because it allows us to work with our clients in a longer term and more intensive capacity. At intersection/intersecciones we see coaching as a fundamental building block to helping leaders implement their vision. Without ongoing assistance, support, information, resources and training leaders often struggle to implement strategic plans and new infrastructures on their own. This can be hard work and we want to remain a sounding board and resource to our clients as they venture into new and deeper territories.

Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Building

For organizations, campaigns and collectives, networks rooted in any movement for social and economic justice that want to engage in short or long term strategic planning.  We also provide a range of infrastructure building services including board development, fundraising coaching and technical assistance, program development, staff development and conflict mediation.

Planning and infrastructure building are key elements of our practice because they enable us to help our clients move from the very important interpersonal and visioning work to the action and implementation stage. We offer our clients interactive and highly creative planning processes that aim to create collective buy-in as well, short and long term realistic inputs and outputs and tools for evaluating their work on an ongoing basis.

Keynote Speaking

If your organization is looking for a keynote speaker to delve deeply into racial justice, cross-movement or movement building issues give us a call! Over the past several years I have keynoted several conferences and gatherings across social justice movements. Here is a sample of some of the keynotes I have delivered:

  • “Our Eyes Witnessed: People of Color in the United States and the Palestinian BDS Movement”. Keynote with Darnell Moore. Rutgers University (2012)
  • “Creating Solidarities”. Panelist with Timothy McCarthy, Darnell Moore, Pauline Park, Jasbir Puar, Katherine Franke. Brecht Forum (2012)
  • “Living, Loving and Defending Desire at the Intersections”. Keynote speaker with Carmen Vazquez for the Unity and Diversity Summit, Albany NY (2011)
  • “Sovereignty, Community and Liberation”. Keynote speaker with Coya Artichoker and Susan Raffo at the Minnesota OUT! Campus Conference at Augsburg College (2010)
  • “Liberation is Only Possible: A Chorus In Three Voices”. Keynote speaker with Coya Artichoker and Susan Raffo at the Arcus Social Justice Center (2010)
  • “Liberation is Only Possible: A Chorus in Three Voices”. Keynote speaker with Coya Artichoker and Susan Raffo at the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals Convening (2010)

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